Only 2 minutes daily™

FastTrack™'s vibrating elastomeric PowerChew™ vibrates at 300Hz, aiding patients undergoing orthodontic treatment in seating their orthodontic aligners in only 2 Minutes Daily™.

PowerChew™ Elsastomeric Tip
Stainless Steel Vibrating Housing
Battery Cap
On/Off Switch

how it works

Using either the Three or Four Position Technique, FastTrack™ works by allowing gravity to engage the PowerChew™ against the biting surfaces. Patients perform either technique once in the morning and one in the evening for one minute each.

Step 1

Use FastTrack™ between left upper and lower molars for 20 seconds.

Step 2

Use FastTrack™ between front upper and lower incisors for 20 seconds.

Step 3

Use FastTrack™ between right upper and lower molars for 20 seconds.

The Benefits

Aligner Seating

Enhances and accelerates the seating of aligners.

Quick Use

Only 2 minutes daily™ or doctor can modify time or position of device on individual teeth or quadrant.

Budget Friendly

Priced right! Aligner seating shouldn't break the bank.


VibraSeat™ Technology

Patent pending VibraSeat™ Technology.

Battery Compatible

Uses standard AAA batteries.


Small and pocketable, FastTrack™ is easier to take with you.


Fewer Revisions, Less Treatment

With weekly aligner changes, the chance of misalignment increases and so does the number of revisions. Keep your patients on track with FastTrack™.

FastTrack™ Availability

FastTrack™ is availble exclusively from dental professionals. Ask your orthodontist today if FastTrack™ is right for you.


Don’t take our word for it. See what patients and doctors have to say about the benefits of FastTrack™

I noticed that not only were my trays fitting better but after using the Fast Track when changing out my tray it reduced the discomfort and pain from moving to a new aligner.

-Camilo, Patient

Patients don't want to sit for 20 minutes with a horseshoe in their mouth. FastTrack is an affordable, easy way to keep patients compliant and to focus on specific teeth that may not be seating.

-Michael Florman, DDS

Selling a vibrating device that costs upwards of $1,000 just doesn't make sense for many patients, but FastTrack is more affordable and an easy sell.

-Dunia Gailani, DDS

Enhancing the way aligners fit became a big goal for my practice and for my patients especially. Now we are moving patients through trays every 7 days.

-Yon Lai, DDS


Have questions? We’ve got answers. Want to learn more? Feel free to send us an email to

Can FastTrack be used with patients with braces?

FastTrack can be used in any situation where traditional chews have been used. Testing has only been performed on patients undergoing aligner therapy.

How often do you need to replace the AAA battery?

We recommend replacing the battery once every one to two weeks depending on how many minutes the unit is being used per week.

Can patients use rechargeable batteries in the device?


How many minutes per day do I need to use the device?

2 minutes daily but this can be modified by your dentist.

Is this as effective as other devices on the market?

Our device was tested on over 300 patients with close to 100% success rate at seating aligners.

How do patients clean the device between sessions?

Clean the tip by rinsing it under water or using a mild soap and water. Shake off excess water and then air dry or use paper towel.

Is the tip replaceable on the device?

Yes, additional tips are available for purchase for $25.

What is the warranty on the device?

24 months from the date of purchase. Proof of purchase will be required.

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